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XX VIRGIN N - 15ml

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XX VIRGIN N - 15ml star

Effect: do pink breast and vagina


Origin: KOREA

Capacity: 15 ml

Price: 1.850.000đ

Hotline purchase

0225 262 8899

Effect: do pink breast and vagina


Origin: KOREA

Capacity: 15 ml

GCell XX Virgin N is researched and developed from natural, safe and benign ingredients. These ingredients work together to create a unique formula that do pink women's breast and vagina without causing side effects.


 * Instructions for use:

- Clean and dry the nipples and bikini area, then take a small amount of cream (depending on the size, take the appropriate amount of cream to apply thinly).

- Apply the cream until the cream is completely absorbed, the thin cream will absorb very quickly creating a dry feeling on the skin surface, then you can wear underwear normally without feeling wet


 * Number of uses:

- At the beginning, use 4 times a day until you have the beautiful pink color.

- Then reduce to once a day for 1 month for the skin to get used to reducing the cream.

- Finally, do it every 2 days for a permanent beautiful pink. Due to the continuous production of melanin in the body, use a maintenance cream to inhibit this pigment to be beautiful pink forever.


* Effects:

- After 4-5 days, it will start to have the skin layer pulled back, still use the normal cream, then have a very thin layer of skin peeling up, do not use your hand to take it off. After 8-10 days, your skin will be pinky naturally (the effect is fast or slow depend on your body).

- The nutrients in GCELL XX VIRGIN N work gently on the skin, not painful, but deeply penetrate, to remove the perennial dark cells ,then make the breast and bikini skin become pink and youthful


Retinol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Provitamin B5, kojic acid, Aloe extract, Chamomile, Deoxy-arbutin, Niacinamide, N-acetyl boldin, Azelaic acid, Licorice root, Field extract and Plant leaf extract Tung Lam.


Store in a cool and dry place

In the cool refrigerator compartment

Stay far away from high temperature and direct sunlight


GCELL XX VIRGIN N products are imported from Korea. Korea is a country which has the leading progress in the world in aesthetics and wellness. This means our products response the world's stringent cosmetic safety standards.


The nutrients in GCELL XX VIRGIN N are extracted from naturally such as sunflower oil, Jojoba essential oil, Japanese camellia, Shea butter, Collagen ... so you can be assured of safety and not cause irritation.


GCELL XX VIRGIN N works gently on the skin, does not hurt, but deeply penetrates, and thoroughly effective, helps to remove dark cells perennial and helps the skin of vagina, bikini become pinky.

Usually, only after 5-7 days of use, we can see the effectiveness of the product.


100% of GCELL products are quality certified by Vietnam Health Authority and allowed to circulate nationwide. This means when you buy and use our products, you have absolute peace of mind.

0225 262 8899